What Is A Halter Top & Dress (And What Bra To Wear)?



Dabbling in interesting, even unconventional shapes, cuts, colors, and textures of clothing and accessories are the marks of a true fashionista. Pulling off an outfit with style and panache, however, requires a bit of know-how and skill.

One of my favorite things to wear is a halter top. Chic, interesting, and even a little suggestive, halters exude a certain level of sensuality.

Halters really show off the back and shoulders, so if your goal is modesty, steer clear! But if you want to flaunt your décolletage and gently protruding clavicles, halter tops are perfect for getting this job done. Might I add—babes with killer collarbones should definitely be embracing the sexy halterneck style (and not just in warmer weather).

Because of the unusual neckline, though, that bears the shoulders, it can be difficult finding the right support for your knockers when you’re sporting a halterneck. But before jumping into bras, let’s explore halters and halter top dresses first.


What Is a Halter Top?

what is a halter top

A halter top or halterneck is a sleeveless strap style that goes around the neck leaving most of, or at least the top half, of the back exposed. Some halter tops are fastened by two straps tied together, others close with a clasp or button, and some have a closed-loop that are designed to just be pulled over the head.

This shape usually creates a V in the cleavage, which depending on the top, can be quite deep. However, halternecks come in many styles, from the extremely revealing to the rather modest.

Many halters are tops, but there’s also the halter top dress—think hybrid halter-top-dress combo.

What is a Halter Top Dress?

halter top dress

A halter top dress is exactly what it sounds like, a dress with a halter top. Such dresses can come in as many shapes and styles as any dress would—from flowy maxi halter top dresses to skin-tight, itty-bitty mini halter top dresses, and everything in between.


What Kind of Bra Should You Wear With a Halter Top?


Many fashion designers keep the racks of their clientele in mind when designing their halter tops. A well-tailored halter shouldn’t actually require you to wear a bra to support your knockers. The straps and closure should already offer enough support to put you décolletage on display.

However, if they don’t, or if you feel like your halter top is weighing or pulling down on the back of your neck, causing pain and strain, we’ve got some suggestions for you.


Strapless Support

strapless bra


Relieve tension from your neck, shoulders, and back all together by boosting your boobies up with a strapless bra. By often boasting a broader band strap with more hook closures than your standard bra, strapless styles are designed to stay in place without any straps at all. Donning a halterneck top or halter top dress with the illusion of going braless is easy with a strapless bra.


Halter Neck Bras

halter neck bras


Bras that are specifically designed for halter tops and halter top dresses usually offer more comfort around the neck than the actual halter top. Since they're specially made to fit a halterneck, there no need to worry about it snowing in Brazil.

What? What’s Brazil got to do with it? If you’re not in-the-know, “it’s snowing in Brazil,” is something you can say to discretely let a chick know that her bra strap is showing.




Bralettes often feature halterneck-style straps as well. They’re uber comfy too because there’s no underwire. Get your sexy on by going for a lacey style that pokes out of your halter top a bit—this kind of layering is seriously drool-worthy.

But bralettes aren’t for everyone. Since they don’t offer very much in terms of actual support, they’re more suited to women with breasts on the smaller side, or just to add some pretty detail to your neckline.


Convertible Straps

convertible straps bra

More often than not, the aforementioned halter neck bras come in the form of a bra with convertible straps. These can transform into just about any style you can imagine—in particular, a halter top. Rearrange the straps to make a racerback or T-strap, or even a classic

With a convertible bra, there are endless combinations!


Backless Bras

backless bra

Backless bras are an enigma. It’s a mystery how these babies stay put, but by some stroke of a miracle, they do exactly what they set out to do—be both backless and supportive.

Don’t ask me about the science behind these things, all I know is that my backless bra sticks to me and holds my boobs in place. It’s just great to wear with a halter top either, it’s suitable for literally any kind of backless style.

Slinkier halters don’t always fit snugly around your ribcage, they hang lower in the back. So a bra without a back is perfect for this kind of style.

If you like flaunting a naked back, add some backless bras to your collection—or at least one!


Longline Bras

longline bra

Earlier I mentioned quite deep V-necks, but longline bras are for those V-necks that are quite deep, as many halter tops are designed. This type of bra will have a properly plunging jointure between the breasts. For halters with super low-cut cleavages, a strapless longline bra is your best bet.

If halters are your thing, don’t wait around all year for summer just to flaunt your shoulders! When it’s chilly, just layer up—drape a shawl or scarf around yourself to stay warm. Work those clavicles… with the right bra, of course.


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