Extra Long Tunic Tops To Wear With Leggings

What Long Tunic Tops Should You Wear With Leggings?

extra long tunic tops for leggings 

A lot of busy babes like me have an obsession which some may say is unhealthy. It’s leggings. The comfortable, stretchy, form-fitting pants (yes, I said pants, fight me if you’d like) are so versatile and practical, they’re perfect for anyone who needs to go from the office to happy hour and then straight to bed.

I’m here to argue that leggings can look good on everybody—especially if paired with the right top. One of my favorite styles that suits all women is the tunic and leggings look. The possibilities are endless—it can be polished yet fun, flattering yet comfy, and professional yet sexy. Let me school you on why.


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What’s a tunic, though?

tunic tops to wear with leggings 

To put it simply, tunic tops are the golden mean of a regular shirt and a dress. A bit longer than standard tees and blouses, tunics usually come down around the hips or can even be a bit longer than that, falling a few inches past your butt.


Not typically clingy, tunics should have a bit of movement about them. The magic is in the neckline, where the fit is usually (but not always) more snug. Because of the flowy cut, tunics fare best with tight pants—it’s all about balance, ladies. And you may be able to guess which tight-fitting pants I’m going to suggest.


So dare I say that tunics are the single best item of clothing you can pair with your leggings? Because they’ll cover most of your booty, our enemies who don’t believe in leggings as pants may well be converted into passionate leggings enthusiasts once they get to see for themselves how absolutely fabulous they look in this kind of outfit.


Of course, the shapes and styles do vary, and no matter what size you wear, there’s a tunic out there for you.


Specialty Size Tunics for Every Body

Regular sizes not quite cutting it for you? Fear not, the tunic is still going to be you and your leggings’ bestie. For the fuller-figured big gals out there who wear a size 16 or larger, extra long tunic tops for leggings AKA plus-sized tunics come in every style imaginable. As well do petite tunics for our shorter girlies.


Super tall? With your modelesque height, you might want to hit the runway in an extra long tunic designed with your long frame in mind.

Pro Tip:

Although a tunic is a forgiving look that suits everybody, the length of these tops can subtract from the length of your legs. If worn incorrectly, a tunic can make your legs look short, stumpy, and even a bit chubby—even if they’re actually slim!

How to avoid such a fashion disaster? Add more height. I don’t mean go for your tallest stilettos, just about any heel will do. It’s not really a secret, but heels magically add length to your legs.

So Many Styles, So Little Time

With styles suited for every body type, every occasion, and every season, you may struggle to want to wear anything else other than your tunic and leggings get up.


They can be a silky, slinky, sleeveless number, or a soft and cozy knit piece, and everything in between.


Your casual T-shirt tunic is perfect for running important errands like those spontaneous trips to Target—to pick up just one thing, of course. But cut to several hours and maybe a few hundred dollars later and you’re walking out with half the store’s inventory, at least you can say you looked good doing it.


On your way to pick up a pumpkin spiced latte? Try a knitted tunic sweater with leggings and knee-high (or even thigh-high) boots for a classic fall look. A fancier tunic will dress up your leggings for a night out. With those heels I mentioned earlier, of course.


Tunics with interesting hemlines can also jazz up a basic pair of leggings. There’s the high-lows, the lower-on-the-sides, or handkerchief hems to name a few.


Ditch the jeans and the slacks forever and upgrade to a closet full of leggings and tunics—two wardrobe staples that no girl should live without.



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